21 October 2016

During the winter break, you can follow the news on the racecourse Sesana also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

21 October 2016

The Sesana racecourse is closed for the winter break.

17 September 2016

Nahrin Swisscare, world leader in the field of integration and organic cosmetics, is sponsor of Saturnday September 17th races at Sesana racecourse in Montecatini Terme All races scheduled are named according on the principles Nahrin Swisscare; at 17:00 will be held a demonstration meeting, with the ladies who received the invitation on the occasion of the Grand Prix City of Montecatini, dedicated […]

22 August 2016

Ten trotters will participate in the Grand Prix Nello Bellei, Group 2 race scheduled on Saturday 27th August at Sesana racecourse in Montecatini Terme and reserved for indigenous 4-years-old horses on the distance of 2,040 meters. Tenerife (Davide Nuti) Tamure Roc (Vincenzo Pisquoglio Dell’Annunziata) Tresor Zs (Andrea Farolfi) Telecomando Ok (Enrico Bellei) Tinto (Antonio Di Nardo) Tesoro Degli Dei (Roberto Andreghetti) Tamia Jet (Lorenzo […]

16 August 2016

Davanti a più di 11mila spettatori il trottatore guidato da Roberto Vecchione ha dominato batteria e finale, Radio Wise si è dovuto accontentare del secondo posto, al terzo Osiride Grif – Gabriele Rossetti, campione olimpico di tiro a volo specialità skeet, ha consegnato il premio al vincitore Montecatini Terme, 16 agosto 2016 – Ringostarr Treb, guidato dal driver Roberto Vecchione, […]

16 August 2016

Stands and parterre crowded to watch the victory of Ringostarr Treb and driver Roberto Vecchione

15 August 2016

Poste Italiane issued a special postmark dedicated to the 64th Grand Prix “Città di Montecatini” and the 100 years of the Sesana racecourse .The postmark will be available at Sesana racecourse on August 15th, at the operating position of Poste Italiane, from 18.00 to 24.00: stamp and postmark will be placed on postcards dedicated to the centenary, purchased at the ticket office […]

15 August 2016

“The Olympics of the city” is the title of the puppet , games and animation show created by the “Teatro Arancione” for all children, at Sesana racecourse on August 15th.Two shows, which will be held in the playground area: the first at 21:00, the second at 22.00.# 64gpmct

15 August 2016

E’ la corsa più importante dell’anno per l’ippodromo toscano: due batterie di qualificazione più finale, oltre 130mila euro di montepremi – L’edizione del centenario del Sesana è densa di eventi: annullo filatelico speciale, giri di pista in sulky e in biga romana, teatro burattini per i bambini, fanfara della Scuola Marescialli e Brigadieri dei Carabinieri, mercatino artigianale – Gran finale […]

15 August 2016

Announced the withdrawal Sahara Fairytale from the first heat of the Grand Prix “Città di Montecatini”. Sweden’s seven-year-old daughter of Viking Kronos, was to be led by Roberto Andreghetti.The first heat will be contested by eight horses.

11 August 2016

These are the heats of the “64° Gran Premio Città di Montecatini” who will take place on August 15th: Heat A – 2nd heat Olona Ok Stankovic Ok Student Of Life – Us – Savannah Bi Ringostar Treb Peace Of Mind Rue Varenne Dany Osiride Grif Radio Wise Heat B – 1st heat Potenza Om Saba Del Ronco Newyork Newyork Sereno Op Radiofreccia […]

9 August 2016

The race evening of Thursday, August 11th will host the “Corte degli Angeli” equestrian center of Monsummano Terme. The amazons of the equestrian center will present a “carousel” on the song “Alegria” .

5 August 2016

Changes in the qualifying heats of the Grand Prix “Città di Montecatini”: this morning was announced the withdrawal of three horses (Looney Tunes, Osasco Di Ruggi, Specialess) and consequently have taken over the reserves. This is the new composition of the qualifying heats: Heat A Olona Ok Osiride Grif Peace Of Mind Radio Wise Ringostarr Treb Savannah Bi Stankovic Ok […]

3 August 2016

Third event with the cooking shows at Sesana racecourse: this time it’s the turn of Paola Pazzaglia, executive chef at Osteria La Bettola in Pistoia that offers a menu with a salad of tripe with tripe mignon sandwich, “ravioli” stuffed with tomato jelly and basil pesto, “peposo dell’Impruneta” on potatoes cream, Florence skullcap revisited with heart of chocolate cream and […]

3 August 2016

At this link is avalable a pdf format file, wiht the qualifying heats of the “Gran Premio Città di Montecatini” scheduled for August 15th 2016.  

2 August 2016

At this link is available, in pdf format, a file with the list of horses entered in the “Gran Premio Città di Montecatini”, scheduled for August 15th.  The composition of the two qualifying heats, made up of nine horses each, will be made tomorrow, August 3rd, at 12.00.

31 July 2016

   The Grand Prix “Città di Montecatini”, scheduled on August 15th, has his first star: Radio Wise, six-year-old led by Federico Esposito, won last nigh the “Premio Consiglio Regionale della Toscana” obtaining “wild card” that qualifies him for the most important event of the year for the Sesana racecourse.       As for the other horses, the registrations will close tomorrow, […]

27 July 2016

   The Sesana racecourse of Montecatini Terme has been exhibiting at the 2016 “Giostra dell’Orso” (“Bear Joust”) of Pistoia with its own promotional stand, to communicate to the public the initiatives and the events planned to celebrate 100 years of Sesana activity.     The district of Griffin, winner of the tournament, was handed a commemorative plaque.

27 June 2016

Full success for the “Instameet” which took place Saturday, June 25 at Sesana racecouse in Montecatini: dozens of shots have been posted on Instagram, more will follow in the coming days. To see pictures taken from Instagramers, just look for the hashtag #ippodromosesana100 with Instagram, or browse the Facebook page of Sesana at The picture on the left was taken by Matteo Baldaccini.