3 April 2015

During the Easter holidays the animation for children at San Siro racetrack will be active both Sunday and Monday On Easter Sunday, in particular, the younger guests will have to hunt for eggs that the Easter Bunny has hidden in the park racecourse. Thanks to the entertainers of “Infestiamoci!” will be active also “Truccobimbi Happy Easter Special”, drawing contest and games in the […]

21 March 2015

Sunday, March 22, the entertainers of “Infestiamoci!” expect children at gallop racetrack of San Siro with “Welcome Spring!”, games dedicated to the arrival of the new season . The program includes the construction of “straw flowers” with colors and card stock. And there will also be ponies for those who want to try a little ride in the hippodrome. The […]

20 March 2015

San Siro racetrack has a new restaurant, “Canter 1920”: located in an Art Nouveau building, offers all the charm of the history of horseracing in an atmosphere of tradition and modernity. The restaurant’s name is closely linked to horses: the “canter” is a pace characterized by class and elegance, while 1920 is the year of inauguration of San Siro racetrack. Canter […]

15 March 2015

The last today race at the San Siro racetrack was the “Castelnovo Bozzente” Prize, 1200 meters handicap on the straigth track: it was won by Andreaino, that in the end managed to pull slightly Ilnassa and Salar Glorious , come very close together on the arrival. Odds: win (3) 3,75, place (3) 1,79 (7) 2,85 (1) 3,80, forecast 3-7 15,97, trifecta […]

15 March 2015

Another solitary arrival today at San Siro racetrack, this time is Caruso that detachs everyone in Canalbianco Prize, handicap race on 1,500 meters. Naples City and Clare Blue must settle for second and third place. Odds: win (3) 2,86, place (3) 1,46, (9) 1,51 (4) 2,44; forecast 3-9 6,50; trifecta 3-9-4 76,10.

15 March 2015

With an irresistible rush in the 200 meters final Morrocoy, seven years thoroughbred of the Racing Club Equidia stable, won the “Premio Apertura”, 1600 mt. handicap race which marked the start of the race season at the San Siro gallop hippodrome.

15 March 2015

After a long head to head, Cape Sounion won the “Premio Maslogarth” beating Aloshade, who tried until the last to pass for the first place, without success.  Odds: win (7) 5,28; place (7) 1,68, (4) 1,76 (6) 1,40; forecast 7-4 33,37; trifecta 7-4-6 89,53

15 March 2015

Pentagono won the Premio Razza Di Vedano, at the San Siro racetrack in Milan, thanks to a decisive shot in the 400 final meters, catching and passing Final Verdict, who had held the most part of the race. Overexertion for Final Race, who had to give second place to Not Expected. Odds: win (5) 15,53; place (5) 3,35, (4) 3,53, […]

15 March 2015

The “Premio Desenzano”, maiden race for three years thoroughbreds, was won by Sopran Achille; second place for Rail Dancer and third for Space Oddity.Odds: win (7) 2,60; place (7-8-6) 1,32, 1,71, 1,61; forecast (7-8) 5,56; trifecta 7-8-6 37,37.

15 March 2015

The 2015 gallop race season was opened with the victory of Up To The Moon, a three yeas filly of Dioscuri who won tre “Premio Razza Gerbido” beating Sopran Sanson and Henry Regenerated. Solitary arrival for Up To The Moon and the jockey Nicola Pinna. Odds: win (8) 1,58, place (8, 7, 4) 1,09, 1,22 e 1,19; forecast 8-7 6,07; trifecta 8-7-4 18,26

15 March 2015

Senator Roberto Formigoni, president of the Agriculture Committee of the Italian Senate, attended the presentation of the 2015 racing season at San Siro racecourse in Milan; the presentation was held today, March 15 , at the new restaurant of the racecourse, “Canter 1920”.

15 March 2015

Condition of track at San Siro hippodrome: good. Meteo: temperature 13.1°C, wind 24 km/h East, humidity 43%.

14 March 2015

Races time and ticket prices for “Premio Apertura”, March 15th, 2015 Gates opening: 12.30 p.m. Races start: 2.40 p.m.  2.40 Premio Razza Gerbido (Claiming race) 3.15 Premio Desenzano (Maiden) 3.50 Premio Razza di Vedano (Conditioned) 3.25 Premio Maslogarth (Handicap) 5.00 Premio Apertura (Handicap) 5.35 Premio Canalbianco (Handicap) 6.10 Premio Castelnuovo Bozzente (Handicap)   Ticket prices Full price euro 5,00 Ladies, […]

13 March 2015

“Start”, the official program of the “Premio Apertura 2015” day, is available at this link: Programma ufficiale Start – Premio Apertura – 15 marzo 2015

13 March 2015

The 14 thoroughbreds entered in the race “Premio Apertura” (“Opening Prize”), which will be held at the San Siro hippodrome on Sunday, March 15th: Num. Cavallo e fantino Peso 1 Cafaggio  – S. Urru 63 2 Existence (PL) – M. Esposito 62 3 Shukal – D. Migliore (A) 60 ½ 4 Indian Pacha (L) – A. Mezzatesta 58 5 Adragon […]

13 March 2015

Every Sunday with races, the gallop racetrack of Milan reserves the Paddock area for kids of all ages, offering fun and entertainment activities. On the occasion of the Grand Prixs, the usual activities are supplemented with all kinds of additional fun and games for our smallest guests. Sunday 21 September, in collaboration with entertainers specialized in “Infestiamoci!” (, the Paddock […]

11 March 2015

San Siro hippodrome is now active on Twitter and Instagram social networks: our accounts are “@milanogaloppo” for Twitter and “milano_galoppo” for Instagram! Follow us!

3 March 2015

The “Apertura dell’erba” Day is traditionally the first time of the year in which horses perform a workout on grass track. The cold of winter loosens its grip, the ground is no longer frozen, the hippodrome exits the “hibernate” and prepars a new and exciting season of gallop.

2 March 2015

On the website, in the “technical area“, is available the March 2015 training tracks schedule.

20 February 2015

The Italian Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Forestry (Mipaaf) has officially announced the schedule of races for the months of February and March 2015: the racecourse of Milan will resume the activity on Sunday, March 15 , with the traditional “Premio d’Apertura”. Four more days of racing are scheduled on March 21, 22, 28 and 29. The complete schedule will […]