Dylan Mouth torna nella "sua" Milano per tentare l'assalto al Jockey Club (foto De Nardin - Trenno)
Dylan Mouth wins Grand Prix of Milano
7 June 2015

Prediction respected, Dylan Mouth and Fabio Branca won the Grand Prix of Milan, Group 1 race held at San Siro: unstoppable progression in the final by Dylan Mouth, only the French Billabong tried to chase the champion of the team Effevi, but 50 meters from the finish his jockey, Cristian Demuro, understood that recovery was impossible.

Third place went to Celticus, teammate Dylan Mouth: essentially had the task of making the pace, went further with his jockey Nicola Pinna; the temperature today in Milan, over 32 degrees, cut the breath to all other thoroughbreds, which have concluded a long way behind the top finishers.

With today’s victory, Dylan Mouth get to nine wins out of nine races run in Italy.