La pizzeria Hip-Nic vista dal Cavallo di Leonardo
Exploring San Siro: guided tours, IppoCar and toast on the historic carriage
17 October 2015

  During the Grand Prix of the Jockey Club, racecourse audiences will have the opportunity to discover some of San Siro “hidden” corners, or to live special experiences like the races start a few meters from the cages. And if you want to make a picnic in the family …

Guided tours of the racecourse and “IppoCar” to watch the start from the cages

   It will be possible to take guided tours inside the racecourse, to “discover” areas not accessible to the public as the “Area dell’insellaggio” and interesting points of the botanical park of San Siro, or go up to the “IppoCar” that will transport some viewers in the immediate vicinity of the starting points races on the program, to experience the thrill of start.

 Toast on the historic carriage

   Among all the spectators will be drawn four winners, who will celebrate the day of the Jockey Club with a toast on the historic carriage of the racecourse. Every spectator, upon entry, which will receive a numbered ticket for the draw.

 Picnic at the racecourse

   In collaboration with the Hip-Nic biological restaurant-pizzeria, it will be possible to have lunch with a picnic at the San Siro racecourse: just call the phone number 02.4007.6433 to book lunch and picnic basket, which includes blankets to sit and entrance tickets to the afternoon races.