First training on grass tracks in March 2015 (Photo De Nardin - Trenno)
March 3rd 2016: first workout of the year on Trenno grass tracks
2 March 2016


Thursday, March 3, at 7:30 am, the grass tracks “Trenno” of the gallop training center of Milan (Via Ippodromo 134) entrance will be open for the first training session for the year 2016.

They will be present, representing Trenno, the Ceo Stefano Marzullo, Fabrizio Procino (Head of Racing Activities Area), Fabio Mari (Operations Manager) and Valter Ciofo (Manager of Plant Maintenance).

The opening of the training tracks takes place traditionally 10-15 days before the start of the galloping season, scheduled for Sunday, March 13th.