Entrance to the Royal Stairway at San Siro racetrack - Photo De Nardin - Trenno
San Siro gallop: back to run on tomorrow, Chester Deal expected in Prix Razza di Besnate
9 June 2015

The Prix “Razza di Besnate”, conditioned race on classic mile distance, is the event with the highest prize on June 10th an San Siro racetrack: the favorite is Chester Deal, bad in Prix Sbarigia in Rome, but now back on his favorite track. Opponents to watch: Raise The Bar, in crescendo, The Etacq and Tony The Bill.

In Prix Terdoppio, handicap that opens the racing day, the eyes are on Messy Foot, top weight but with the quality of relevance to emerge. Followin, the Prize Alpi Cozie, which if not excels for the number of starters, has a very high balance. Fanoulpifier is more qualified, Pentagon and Final Verdict have both the ability to stand up to him.

Prix Scuderia Ronchetto, maiden race (for horses without career victories), could see as protagonists Jake The Pirate and Lucomagno, as well as Orsay that could serve as third wheel; Prix Livio closes the day: is a good handicap for three-years-old where Ceffone occurs over a distance, 1,400 meters, just below the one congenial to him. He should be careful to Disegno Criminoso, who has just earned his first victory, and Kick Down, who ran down slightly compared to the previous category, but who can put the light on track.