Responsibileforlove, jockey Carlo Fiocchi (Foto De Nardin - Trenno)
San Siro: Responibleforlove against all in Prix Mario Incisa della Rocchetta
6 May 2016

Saturday at San Siro with six flat races, and could not be otherwise considering that the jumpers will be featured Sunday, with the Grand Steeple Chase and the “Four Years Old Hedges Race”.

Eve is of the highest level, with Prize Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, listed race for three years old females only, a necessary step on the path to the Oaks of Italy on 29th May.

Still in the spotlight Responsibleforlove, ruler of Prize Zanoletti, with another win will automatically be a candidate for the appointment later this month. Tought too two foreign adversaries such as Dalmatian Sea and Gambissara, and then there is also Edya, who comes from a victory in maiden race and is very promising.

The “famous face” Top Evolution is back on stage in Bovisio Prize, handicap that concludes the day, and that is very intriguing and uncertain, while the second race of the day is a handicap on 1,600 meters for amazons and gentleman, valid as elimination of Agri Trophy, the association of Italian gentleman rider: starters pitch well fed for a difficult prediction.