In compliance with transparency principles, SNAITECH S.p.A. provides the following notice on personal data collected by cookies when browsing or using website

1. Purpose, legal framework of personal data processing and modalities of data processing

In relation to personal data processing, SNAITECH S.p.A. ensures to comply with principles of fairness, legality and transparency as well as to restrict purposes and storage by using safety measures aimed at protect integrity and confidentiality and prevent unauthorized access by employees or third parties.
Your personal data shall be processed only with the following purposes:

  • Storage browsing preferences and enhance user’s browsing experience on website

  • Enhance website technology

Your personal data – browsing data (IP addresses, browser, operating system, domain and website addresses used to connect to website, pages displayed on the website, access time, browsing time on each page) shall be handled only for the above-mentioned purposes.

Your personal data will be processed by using IT instruments following criteria closely linked to the relevant purpose and, in any case, in such a way as to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data. Your personal data will be kept and processed within the territory of the EU.

2. Type of cookies and storage time

Cookies are little pieces of information exchanged between a server and a web client. Specifically, it is a file saved on user’s computer, which is sent by a website to the user’s browser. Cookies are used by SNAITECH S.p.A. and its partners for technical and statistical reasons, to allow automatic login, track and storage of information on users experience when browsing and using website
The current website uses the following type of cookies:

Technical cookies
These type of cookies are required for the normal functioning of the website. They include both session cookies and permanent cookies. Without these cookies, the website or a part of it may not function normally. For this reason, these cookies are always used regardless the user’s preference.

Analytical cookies
These type of cookies are used to gather information on website usage. They collect information, anonymously, on users and path followed to reach the website. These cookies are sent by the website or third party domains.

Third-party cookies
These cookies enable the website to remember the user data throughout the visit time, or for the following visits, and thus they enable the user to surf the pages efficiently, interact with social networks, and use third party services. Cookies may be set on the websites which have contents in our website (third-party cookies).

Cookies to allow third-party functions
These type of cookies are used to allow third-party functions on the website. These cookies may be sent by third-party partners domain. The data protection Controller does not require user’s consent for technical cookies as strictly related to the normal functioning of the website. For other type of cookies, consensus may be given by the user, in accordance with current regulation and by using browser setting and specific software or tools.

Third-party websites
The website may contain links to other websites with their own privacy policy. These policies may be different from the one implemented by the Controller, who is not liable for third-party websites. Pursuant to current regulation on personal data protection, the user’s consent is given by choosing the browser personal setting. The user may, at any time, inform the Controller of his/her intention on personal data processed by cookies accepted by the website.

3. Mandatory and optional data providing and consequence of missed authorisation

You are free to provide any data. Disabling cookies does not prevent access to website However, by disabling cookies, the website may not work normally.

4. Contact detail of Data Protection Officer and Controller

Personal data Controller is SNAITECH S.p.A., registered office in Piazza della Repubblica n. 32, 20124 Milan, legal-email: “”, email: “”, Company register and social security number 00754850154, VAT No. 01729640464, website “”.
Personal Data Officer, temporary domiciled at the registered office of the Controller, may be reached at the following email address: “”.

5. Right of the user

In relation to personal data processing, the user may ask SNAITECH S.p.A. for confirmation of personal data processing, access to personal data, rectification, erasure or restriction of processing as well as the right to the portability of data. Furthermore, the user may withdraw consent at any time. The withdrawal of consent does not compromise the lawfulness of processing based on consent given prior to the withdrawal. The user may always lodge a complaint with the personal data protection Regulator in relation to his/her rights or other issues related to personal data protection. Request to exercise your rights may be submitted by email or mail to the aforementioned addresses.